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Hi Everyone

The Kurumbas Art Revival Initiative (KARI) is the brainchild of One Earth Foundation.  Behind the scenes is a dedicated team that is working tirelessly to achieve the objectives of this project.  This non-profit organization works in the Blue Mountains of South India in the areas of conservation and preservation of the regions natural and cultural wealth.  The revival of the dying art form – Kurumbas style of paintings is one of their initiatives to protect the traditional knowledge systems of the region and its people.  More on them later – possibly.

Who am I??  Let me first share a few pics with you



Hi again

I am Tarika Chowdhary, a student of AICE at Vidya Shilp Academy in Bangalore.  I am fascinated about the Blue Mountains (Nilgiris), its tribal residents and their culture.  I have been visiting these hills since was 2 years old and over the years developed a passion for this region and its people.  These hills are ecologically and culturally truly fascinating.  Home to 6 Primitive Tribal groups, part of the very first Biosphere Reserve of India recognized by UN, located in one of teh World’s bio-diversity hotspots, having one of the highest forest covers in the country, protecting numerous endangered flora and fauna species, etc – they are a treasure trove of learning.

The Kurumbas (a Primitive Tribal Group) are a very special people and this initiative by One Earth Foundation to revive and rejuvenate their dying art form is achieving tremendous results.  I wanted to support this in any which way I could and decided to offer my time and efforts to administer their site.  Now you know – I just provide a helping hand and whenever possible, spend some time in the various tribal welfare projects by One Earth Foundation.   I also get to study about health and nutrition about these tribes when i visit them and that is truly very exciting for me.

I am having a great time being involved with this project.  So could you – so call or write and be part something exciting and challenging.

See you in the Nilgiris sometime!!

Tarika Chowdhary