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KARI’s primary objective is to create interest and participation in the unique Kurumba style of painiting.  We try and achieve this through the following programs

Kurumba Art Revival Camps

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The Kurumbas reside in over 60 hamlets spread across the hill regions of The Nilgiris.  As there are only 3 Kurumba artists remaining, in most hamlets the tribals and their children  are quite often not aware of this great heritage of theirs.  These camps aim to reach out to these remote hamlets and  conduct art camps to inspire &  engage young children to learn and practice this art form.  This is an ongoing involvement and KARI’s vision is to see that in the years ahead many young children will grow up to practice this art form.

Kurumba Art Awareness Camps

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In order to reach out to a larger audience, KARI conducts Awareness Camps in Village Primary and Middle Schools across the Nilgiris.  Our Kurumba artists involve several children from each school over a period of 2 – 3 months to teach them the basics of this art form.  KARI provides these students with art books, paint brushes and colours.  Students who complete the art camp are awarded with certificates and also encouraged to participate in our art competitions.  Schools that support and encourage their students to participate in these camps are also given due recognition.

Visiting Students – Art Workshops

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Traditional Knowledge Systems is a learning module conducted by One Earth Foundation to create and enhance the level of awareness of the rich knowledge base of our indigenous and tribal communities.  Student groups visiting the Nilgiris from across India under the Enviro Trips program of One Earth Foundation are given a unique opportunity to visit practicing kurumbas artisits in their hamlets and learn first hand about this form of painting.  Such brief workshops are introductory in nature and provide our students with a keen insight of the skills and crafts of India

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