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Collection of rare Kurumbas artworks

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary September - 14 - 2017 0 Comment

Hi All,

At One Earth Foundation, we receive numerous requests from art lovers and patrons to know more about the Kurumbas tribal art and to have a glimpse of their artworks.  As you are all aware, there only a handful of practicing artists and artworks done in the traditional style using forest colours are rather rare. Unfortunately what one can see or buy in a few stores in Ooty / Coonoor / Kotagiri are drawings on A4 sized paper sheets using pastel colour.  A true cannibalization of native art form – in our opinion.

Under our KARI Initiative, over the past several years and with generous support from art lovers like yourselves, we have put together a small collection of artwoks on canvas using forest colours as the medium.    We plan to someday organize a travelling exhibition and also see if we can support or establish a Kurumbas art Museum for the art community and the over 2 Mil tourists that visit Nilgiris someday.  We take this opportunity to thank all teh educational institutions whose students have participated in our Enviro Trips™ program and supported the Kurumbas Art Initiative.

For now you can all cherish images of some of the artwoks in our collection.  We hope you enjoy this and please do share this link  among your friends.

Titled: Honey Hunting ca 2009

Titled: The Temple ca 2006

Titled: The Wedding ca 2004

Titled: Autumn ca 2008

Titled: Daily Life ca 2010

Titled: Spring & Autumn ca 2011

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the artworks above.  Do let us know……