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Students from Delhi get a taste of tribal Art

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary July - 23 - 2012 0 Comment


Learning the art of making colour from forest trees & plants

Students from a leading school of India located in Delhi NCR visited the Nilgiris on a quest to explore the Blue Mountains.  Enthusiastic students accompanied by very dedicated teachers explored many ecological sites and studied the tribal heritage of these magnificent hills.

A day was spent visiting a Kurumbas village and interacting with the inhabitants of this small hamlet.  The students then participated in an art workshop organized by One Earth Foundation where they were exposed to the traditional colour making techniques still used by this tribe.  All participated in a workshop held by the tribal artist and learnt the key motifs of this style of painting.  The outcome was brilliant and we certainly had some future Picassos in the group. Keep it up!

Our group with their works of art

Tribal Art presented to the School

KARI is an initiative by One Earth Foundation to create awareness about the dying art form of Kurumbas style of painting, train young Kurumbas children and to provide livelihood opportunities to current and upcoming artists.  For further information, please contact

Tarika Chowdhary