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Students on field trip learn about kurumbas & their art

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary March - 1 - 2012 0 Comment

On a field trip to the Nilgiris, exploring the tribal culture and the ecology of the region, 12th grade students from a leading Gwalior based school visited a Kurumbas village on the lower elevations of the blue mountains.  31 boys accompanied by 3 teachers were all set to learn about the Kurumbas – a primitive tribal group residing in the Nilgiris.   The group was enthusiastic to know  about the art form practiced by the Kurumbas and One Earth Foundation under its Kurumbas Art Revival Initiative (KARI) organized an art camp.


OEF: Focused participation in the art camp

The students learnt how to make natural colour from trees and plants and were given an introductory lesson by our artist.  Several students  made themselves comfortable on the verandah of the artist’s home to learn first hand the unique  strokes of this art form.  Their efforts were appreciated by the tribal artist.


ORF: The artworks of our students

We hope that the visiting students who had this great opportunity to visit this tribal  village and learn about the Kurumbas and their traditional form of painting,  share it with their friends back home and help in spreading awareness of this dying form of art.


OEF: Our artist presents the accompanying teachers with a small painting

KARI is an initiative by One Earth Foundation to create awareness about the dying art form of Kurumbas style of painting, train young Kurumbas children and to provide livelihood opportunities to current and upcoming artists.  For further information, please contact

Tarika Chowdhary