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Students Initiative: Tribal products for Livelihood

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary November - 4 - 2011 0 Comment

Products embellished with Kurumbas Art – Livelihood Initiative by our students

Our thanks to all the student groups from leading schools across india who have particiapted in our KARI (Kurumbas Art Revival initiative) art workshop camps held in the Nilgiris over the past year.  Their suggestions, inputs and most of all their efforts to develop products, is starting to show some excellent results.

The KARI team at One Earth Foundation is proud to inform all that the first few product samples that are embellished with the Kurumbas style of painting have comeout really well.  One of the objectives of this Initiative is to develop products that will help in providing a sustainable livelihood to current and upcoming artists.  This is how this works – The raw materials for these products are provided by schools, students and other well wishers.  The finsished products like cards, bookmarks, envelops, picture frames, bags, cups, etc are then handed over to students to raise funds that can be used for  this and similar causes.

We salute all schools and their students who have taken the effort to help support and revive this art form.  Our special thanks to Ms. Simrit Mann, who has been a voluntary camp coordinator with one Earth Foundation, for her efforts in kickstarting the product development drive.


Carry Bag with Kurumbas Art motifs

Carry Bag embellished with natural forest colours

HM Paper envelops with Kurumbas motifs

KARI is an initiative by One Earth Foundation to create awareness about the dying art form of Kurumbas style of painting, train young Kurumbas children and to provide livelihood opportunities to current and upcoming artists.  For further information, please contact

One Earth Foundation