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Kozhithorai camp II – a failed attempt

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary October - 5 - 2011 0 Comment


Dear All,
One Earth Foundation held its first Art Camp at the hamlet of  Kozhithorai and you can read about it in our post dated 30th July.  The follow up camp at the same village was organized  for 17th Sept and our team was eager and excited to see how many children had practiced the art form with the materials we had provided.  The first camp was very well attended and we were confident that the children would have practiced in the interim period.  We had left them with art books, paints, brushes and pencils and a basic understanding of the Kurumbas art motifs.

As our team reached the village, they were met by some parents who escorted them to the hut where some children had gathered.  Soon some more parents joined.  To our surprise the children had not carried their art materials with them.  When we inquired, we were told that after our last camp the local school teacher Ms. Sinthamani had collected all the materials and the children were not given a chance to use them.  Our team sought to meet with the teacher who was not available.  Our attempts to call her failed as she did not answer the calls.    Also the village headman, Laxmanan was not in the village.  The parents complained about the teacher and we had no option but to wait for a few hours hoping either the teacher or the headman would return.  The children and their parents who waited there with us were equally eager and anxious.  After a 2 hour wait, our team deicided to leave with the promise to the chidren and their parents that we will return soon.

Well, it was heartbreaking to see the children and disappointing to learn about the attitude of the teacher.  We will return to sort this out and also take this up with the AEO (Asst. Education Officer)


No painting in this camp - disappointed children

KARI is an initiative by One Earth Foundation to create awareness about the dying art form of Kurumbas style of painting, train young Kurumbas children and to provide livelihood opportunities to current and upcoming artists.  For further information,  please contact

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