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AS Level Students lend support to KARI

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary July - 19 - 2011 0 Comment


Experiencing Kurumbas Tribal painting style

AS Level students from Bangalore visited the Nilgiris from 12th till 15th July, 2011 to lend their support in One Earth Foundation’s Community service projects.  They closely studied the Kurambas, one of four Primitive Tribal Group (PTG’s) residing on the steep slopes of the mid ranges of the Nilgiri hills.  Among other activities, several students showed keen interest to understand the rapidly disappearing Kurumbas style of painting and participated in 2 Kurumbas Art Awareness Camps held in one the the Kurumbas hamlets.

We are highly encouraged by their participation, support and commitment  towards our Initiative to create awareness and revive this style of painting.


Art for a cause

Our students with the artist

KARI is an initiative by One Earth Foundation to create awareness about the dying art form of Kurumbas style of painting, train young Kurumbas children and to provide livelihood opportunities to current and upcoming artists.  For further information, please contact

One Earth Foundation