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KARI Awareness Camp – IBDP students Pune

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary July - 1 - 2011 0 Comment

With Kurumba people

KARI organized an awareness camp for IB Diploma level students from Pune.  The day started from our Base camp in Coonoor with a 1 hour downhill bus ride to a small hamlet called Mamaram.  The group was met there by our artist who trekked with us through tea gardens and evergreen deciduous forests in the mid ranges of the Nilgiris till we reached a small hamlet with about 10 – 12 huts.  The Art awareness camp was organized in an abandoned hut deep in the valley very close to an active elephant corridor.  Some of our students attempted to cross the valley but had to return due to elephant movement.

After a brief talk (in Tamil and interpreted by a KARI Volunteer to English) the artist did a small Kurumba styled painting using a brown colour paste obtained from the bark of a local tree.  The students participated enthusiastically and soon we had over 10 artworks that needed to be judged by our artist.

KARI’s objective id to popularize this dying art form and we take this opportunity to thank all participating students and their accompabying staff.  We hope and expect that our students take the time and effort to spread word about this art form to their friends.  We need your support.


Trekking to the Kurumba Village

The Art & its significance for the Kurumba tribe

Learning the Kurumba art form

Judging some excellent works of art

Winners - the upcoming Kurumba artists

A gift to our accompanying teachers