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Natural Colours used in Kurumbas Paintings

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary June - 26 - 2011 0 Comment


Natural Colour extracted from Vengai Maram

Dear Friends

Did you know that traditionally the Kurumbas artists used feathers and natural colours obtained from tree bark and leaves for their paintings.  KARI seeks to revive the use of these natural  colours.  We will also ensure that this learning is passed on to all participating children of our camps and workshops.

We have received several mails requesting more information on how natural colours are prepared.  Traditionally, black, brown, burnt yellow and green were used in Kurumbas painting.  The first three are made from the sap or latex type extract from the Vengai Maram tree.

Extracting the sap from the tree - Vengai Maram

Black, burnt yellow and brown colours from teh same preparation

Leaves used for making Green colour

Grinding the leaves with stone

xtracting the colour

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