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Archive for the ‘tribal livelihood’ Category

Collection of rare Kurumbas artworks

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary September - 14 - 2017 0 Comment

Hi All, At One Earth Foundation, we receive numerous requests from art lovers and patrons to know more about the Kurumbas tribal art and to have a glimpse of their artworks.  As you are all aware, there only a handful of practicing artists and artworks done in the traditional style using forest colours are rather rare. Unfortunately what one can see or buy in a few stores in Ooty /  [ Read More ]


Tribal Knowledge Systems: The need for documentation & revival

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary August - 24 - 2013 0 Comment

A cultural holocaust There are over 645 scheduled tribes found in India – the largest tribal population in the world.  Over thousands of years these tribal communities have gained immense knowledge and skills.  The past hundred years have witnessed a cultural holocaust of immense proportions where these knowledge systems and wisdom is disappearing at an unprecedented rate.  There is an urgent need to create awareness, document and revive these pools  [ Read More ]


Trek through a Kurumbas village

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary August - 20 - 2013 0 Comment

We are pleased to share with you some images from our recent treks through some of the Kurumbas villages.  These hamlets are located between 3000 – 5000 ft above MSL and usually on very steep slopes.  Lack of basic amenities is evident and clean water remains a challenge. We share this with our readers to create awareness about the nature of tribal villages and dwellings.  Enjoy the images   KARI  [ Read More ]


Students Initiative: Tribal products for Livelihood

Posted by Raminder Chowdhary November - 4 - 2011 0 Comment

Products embellished with Kurumbas Art – Livelihood Initiative by our students Our thanks to all the student groups from leading schools across india who have particiapted in our KARI (Kurumbas Art Revival initiative) art workshop camps held in the Nilgiris over the past year.  Their suggestions, inputs and most of all their efforts to develop products, is starting to show some excellent results. The KARI team at One Earth Foundation  [ Read More ]